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'm america's first pacific president. he struck a lot of conciliatory notes when he was china. japan and the united states don't want that story line. they push back a lot on that. they are a little bit skidish about that storyline. that's not one that they want to see out there. chris: that's funny. they wanted to be the country that's part or the world again. >> right? >> absolutely. and there is a difference between the obama policy and the bush policy. they don't want to lose that america should lead the world. we set the agenda. if obama loses that and we saw it late last year when he accepted the noble prize, that fed into the storyline that he doesn't necessarily believe in american exceptionalism. it's more that i want to be president of the world. it's a very effective one. and i don't think -- i think that's a constant in american politic, people want the president to believe in america exceptionalism. chris: what do you think that this president is tilting to the world? >> i'm always amazed by people's warmth towards me. at the the same time having a president who grew up
. outside of washington in america, the voters are angry and the president knows it. there is some fury over bailouts and big bankers and big bonuses and no jobs. tonight, at the end of his first year in office, he gets to sum up the job and look at the future. as you can see, the chamber is already filling as members of the cab a net and white house staff file in. the first lady, michelle obama, is greeting her guests in the first lady's box in the gallery. for our coverage, david gregory and andrea mitchell are in the studio. chuck todd across town in the nbc washington newsroom and kelly o'donnell, among others of our reporting staff, is in the well of the house and the chamber itself tonight. she'll be reporting from there. earlier today, the white house pretty much put on a full court press briefing small groups of journalists on their message thus far and their aims going into tonight. among the gatherings, lunch, several of us attended with the president. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" was among the guests. david, how would you sum up what you heard today, his state of m
. haiti has been hit hard by a big earthquake. we'll have the very latest. >>> the fleecing of america. how did this happen? a perfectly modern airport, paid for by your tax dollars with no scheduled flights. >>> no deal. the latest twist in thlate night drama. conan o'brien tells nbc he will not do "the tonight show" after jay leno every night. so now what? >>> making a difference. a woman giving others the gift she found when she got here. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-unersal television >>> good evening. we have a developing story, a breaking news story tonight. a major earthquake has h haiti, to the south and east of the u.s. and cuba. magnitude 7.0, making it the largest quake ever recorded in this region, according to the u.s. geological survey. the epicenter, we are told, very close to the capital city of port-au-prince. because details at this hour are sketchy, nbc's ron allen has been pulling together all of the latest developments from our newsroom in new york. good evening. >> reporter: each report fro there makes the situation souns worse. a powerful
and the obama agenda, with us e.j. dionne, bbc world news america katty kay, peggy noonan and nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. in our "meet the press" minute, january 1976, another time of economic turmoil presidential candidate senator lloyd benson offers practical advice to then president gerald ford on his upcoming state of the union address. >> we should be creating opportunity, what the people are looking for in this country is return of self confidence. >>> first, senior white house adviser jalry jarrett. welcome back to the program, to "meet the press." >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> there is news that i wanted to ask you about. osama bin dad laden has cut another video, is that his voice and is it striking that he appears ba in charge of calling the the shots on running operations for al qaeda? >> we have no independent confirmation that that is his voice but let's look at it. the fact of the matter is he is a murderer, has attacked americans and he has killedore muslims than any other group in the region. the president is committed to going after al qaeda
obama, and what the president is doing about it. the fleecing of america, our popular series is back on the air by popular demand. toght those who steal money from all of us. >>> and making a difference, for thousands of people who just need clothes, why hasn't this idea been around longer? >>> richard nixon on modern art and his hatred of a new york landmark. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> because this is a family broadcast, we probably can't say what we'd like to about mark mcgwire, the home run hit ter. he stopped lying today and mitted he did it on steroids. for those of us who were raising young baseball fans who looked up to mk mcgwire, that summer of '98 was magical stuff as he and sammy sosa vied back and forth to be the home run king. he's been unable to get into the hall of fame, and apparently even for him, the shame here was too much. we start off tonight with ann ompson. >> reporter: looking back, the admission seems inevitable. mark mcgwire with his larger than life arms in the '90s. >> it's a season that i will never, ever
the coast of central america and on into south america in venezuela, too. that happened within the hour. and it is -- spots like st. lucia is around that ring of islands. unfortunately, very, very serious earthquake. for us, we are seeing a change in the pattern. it has been another icy day. there we are. our temperature, our high temperature today made it up once again. only up into the low 30s with a lot of ice around it. that ice is not safe. 35 degrees. 11 days in a row now below 40. tomorrow, we may finally break that string. look at the morning low temperatures. pensacola has gone 11 days with the temperature of 32 or lower.ó our current temperature is 33 degrees on the way down below freezing again. look at the morning low temperatures in florida. 43 in miami. 23 in jacksonville. and there were a few records. not as many as yesterday when they were over 90 spots with record low temperatures, but, again, it's still a cool pattern. but it is beginning to break. the windchills right now, making it feel like it's in the teens. there was another freeze warning out for florida. we sti
, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. >> reporter: with no communication or power, the people of haiti cannot hear him. after flying ten hours, cutting short a trip to the pacific, the secretary of state arrived at dawn and appeared on "the today show." >> this is, i don't want to mislead anybody, this is a devastating catastrophe. just to figure out what ste to take so we don't make the situation worse. >> reporter: a state department task force is coordinating aid. soldiers from the 82nd airborne, the "uss vincent" carrying helicopters and air supplies, 2,000 marines, the floating hospital "the comfort" is in baltimore. >> i told my children where i'm going. mommy is on the big ship going to help the sick babies. >> reporter: most government buildings collapsed, but the white house says the u.s. is not running haiti. >> the haitian government is in control of haiti. they are the government of haiti. >> reporter: the united nations, believed to have suffered its worst casualties in u.n. history released $10 million. the world food program will administer 86 tons o
a new york trial. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, it was no ordinary day at the beach. hundreds of sharks converged on the shallow waters by singer island, closing the beach for swimming. swarms of sharks cruised in three to four feet of water, very close to the shore. >>> a massive inferno tore through an abandoned hospital building in oregon. the former mental health facility was fully ablaze when firefighters arrived. over a dozen fire trucks responded. officials are investigating the cause. >>> a texas woman is facing felony charges after leading police on a high-speed chase with five children in the back seat. police say the suspect blew through stop signs and jumped curbs, all while five children in the vehicle. there's no word on why the mother took off. . >>> a california man who saved a red-tailed hawk never stopped supporting it. he rushed the bird to an animal hospital after his car collided with it. when the bird recovered, the hospital offered him the honor of releasing it. he was very happy to see the h
"early today" in america. >>> police in west virginia are looking for a middle-aged woman who robbed a bank. sveillance cameras captured a woman sliding a note to a teller demanding money. the suspect waited as the cash was stuffed into a bag. >>> a new york woman is dead after driving her car into a backyard pool. the woman accidentally drove in reverse. when the vehicle was found, it had broken through the ice and was submerged in water with the victim inside. >>> a lightning strike in oklahoma sparked aire the a large oil storage tank. the bolt ignited the fuel creating a ring of flames that could be seen for five miles. the blaze remained confined to the rim of the tank. >>> a zoo in new jersey found a special way to celebrate national penguin day yesterday. a group of four afternoon an ris made their deut. they came from southwest africa with a very similar climate to new jersey. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist raphael miranda with the weather channel forecast. i'm kind of depending on you to explain how new jersey has the same
funds while aligning itself with the needs and outrage of main street america. while the administration expects to recover the money pumped into the financial sector, other bailouts for automakers and the insurance giant aig will likely never be repaid. >>> this morning pope benedict xvi weighed in on the issue of gay marriage suggesting it threatens the natural order of creation. addressi addressing diplomats from more than 100 nations, he talked about same-sex marriage legalization in many parts of the world. he says the issue threatens to undermine the differences between the sexes in fighting discrimination and warned that freedom "cannot be absolute and must correspond to the structure willed by god." >>> capping more than a decade of denials, a teary eyed mark mcgwire admitted to what the whole world suspected, performance enhancing drugs helped catapult him to home run hero. it comes five years after his testimony on capitol hl where he evaded questions about whether he took performance enhancers. now in what some are calling an interview scripted by major league baseball, mcgwir
. the national counterterrorism center warns that al qaeda continues to look for ways to attack america. this as the u.s. embassy in yemen closes due to terror threats and the president prepares to meet with his top security officials. >>> and winter wallop, from wind and waves to blankets of snow, the northeast is bearing the brunt of mother nature and more is expected. today, suay, january 3rd, 2010. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and jenna wolfe. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. the arrest of paul merhige brings some closure to the family of the victims of that thanksgiving day massacre. >> while he was loose some of the family feared for their own lives thinking he might be seeking them out as well. now at least part of that nightmare is over thanks to a tip generated by "america's most wand." we'll have the latest including an interview with the parents of the youngest victim. >>> also as the president returns from his hawaiian vacation, he'll m
. >> as the international community continues to respond i do believe that america has a continued responsibility to act. >> what sort of long term commitment in haiti does the president envision? what will it take in money and manpower to rebuild this island nation? how was haiti left so vulnerable to a disaster for so long? we'll get the latest on the situation from officials on the ground, then, we sit down with former presidents bush and clinton, who joined together at the request of president obama to lead fundraising and relief efforts. >> our job is remind people there is an ongoing need. we'll do that. >> then, as president obama completes his first year in office we take an in-depth look at what he accomplished and how the american people view his presidency thus far. health care, the economy and politics as the president risks his own political capital to assure senator ted kennedy' seat stays in the democratic column. analysis from two insiders, former counsel to george w. bush karen hughes and staff to president bill clinton, john podesta. and two long time washington reporter, "time" magazi
and the world. in these difficult hours america stands unighted with the people of haiti, who have shown such resilience and we'll help them to recover and to rebuild. >> after their meeting with president obama the two former presidents agreed to "meet the press" in a joint interview abou haiti and only haiti. >> let me start asking you president bush what is your biggest concern right now? >> my biggest concern is the haitian people have security, water and food. >> those are big. >> they are. the president briefed us about military efforts to get food and water to the people and surging a lot of material, it's going to take a little time to get it ther but i came away confident it's going to happ. >> president clinton, the basics are so important. >> this is about water, food, medical supplies and care, and shelter. secure shelter. i have protection concerns but we were just told in the briefing that 40% of the haitian police force has signed back in, volunteered. a lot of them don't have weapons or uniforms but the american military is working closely with the u.n. troops that are th
, equipped him with those explosives,nd directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: a troubled nation racked by poverty and insurrection, yemen has seen more and more radicals operate within its borders as a weak central government struggles to contain the threat. >> that's worrying. the idea that yemen is turning into a base for international terrorist operations, not just regional terrorist operations. >> reporter: this weekend david petraeus, america's top commander in the region, was in yemen coordinating strategy and pledging to more than double the $67 million in counterterror american aid already being sent there. today a top official says american help won't stop there. >> military action is possible in yemen? >> everything is possible as far as our cooperation with the yemeni government. >> reporter: as he wraps up his time in hawaii, the president plans to meet tuesday in washington with the nation's intelligence and security leaders to review what he has called human and systemic failures that almost led to a disaster on christmas morning. and lester, joh
sisters, aunt and 6-year-old cousin on thanksgiving day, arrested thanks to a couple watching "america's most wanted." >>> time now is 7:26 on this january 4, 2010. in the news this morning, jim zorn has coached his last game with the redskins. a team source tells us he has been fired as the team's head coach less than a day after the skins finished a disappointin season. washington was 4 and 12 this season. he was the sixth red skins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. >>> good morning, we have a blazing orange and somber lavender sun rise junds way. it's frigid from the low to mid 20s right now. high today only near freezing with a blustery wind, maybeear freezing this afternoon and early this evening. partly cloudy, blustery and cold tomorrow and wednesday. then maybe a little light snow on thursday and friday. >> 395 is jammed from an accident on the eastbound flee way down at the exit for the northbound third street tunnel. 270 packed in very, very tightly. the early morning accidents at the 270 southbound split is jammed. germantown solid all the way out of t
. and the reality of it is racism, and racist conversations have no place today in america. this term, this you know, like he's going to pass, for example, for white america because he's you know, got this negro die alikt, that's language that harkens back to the 1950s and 60s and confirms to me a mind-set out of step with where america is. but i can assure you if i had as national chairman said that well, it's all behind us and he's apologized let's move on, no one would be accepting that. there has to be a consequence here if the standard is the one that was set in 2002 with trent lott. >> is the consequence that senator reid should step down? >> i believe it is. whether he steps down today or i retire him in november either way he will not be the leader in 2011. >> governor kaine. >> well, first, the senator said i mean, chairman steel said earlier that the republicans were not going to win it back so leader reid is going to be the leader. anybody looking at trent tt's statements praising somebody who had been a pro segregation candidate for president will see that there is no comparison between
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states. >> haitians are our neighbors both in the americas and here at home. he said we have to be there for them inheir time of need. >>> tonight, the haitian embassy in washington has been in communications with officials in port-au-prince. they're working on plans to raise many for the victims of the earthquake. elaine reyes joins us live from northwest d.c. with more. elaine? >> communication has been spotty all day, but they are certainly doing their best. they have planned a candlelight vigil for 7:30 here tonight for anyone who wants to come out. i can tell you it's been very busy. the phones have been ringing off the hook with haitian-americans worried about their loved ones back home. helpless is what haitian-americans feel when watching images from their home country. >> when you pray you find your strength. we are praying and working hard to see what the best way to help our brothers and sisters in haiti is. >> reporter: he and other leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the
, trained him, equipped him with those explosives, and directed him to atta that plane headed for america. >> we are joined now live by the president's top counterterrorism adviser john brennan. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you, david. >> this president's directive to close the embassies because of specific intelligence that an attack is coming? >> yes, there are indication that's al qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke to our ambassador down there. both the british and u.s. embassies have closed to give the yemeni government a chance to thwart that threat and the plans that are afoot right now. >> a threat against our embassy? >> we know they've been targeting our embassy o embassy personnel, and we want to do everything possible to safeguard our diplomats and others that are down there. that was the prudent step to take. >> the president talking about al qaeda in yemen. is yemen a new front in this battle against al qaeda? >> no, it's not a new front. we've known about it for quite some time. from the very first day of this administration, a
to connect the dots in a way that would have prevented a known terrorist from boarding a plane for america and the steps we're going to take to prevent that from happening again. janet napolitano will discuss her review of aviation screening, technology and procedures. how that terrorist boarded that plane with explosives that could have killed nearly 300 innocent people, and how we'll strengthen aviation security going forward. today i want to just briefly summarize their conclusions and the steps that i've ordered to address them. in our ever-changer world, america's first line of defense is timely, accurate intelligence that is shared, integrated, analyzed, and acted upon quickly and effectively. that's what the intelligence reforms after the 9/11 attacks largely achieved. that's what our intelligence community does every day. but unfortunately, that's not what happened in the lead-up to christmas day. it's now clear that shortcongs occurred in three broad and compounding ways. first, although our intelligence community had learned a great deal about the al qaeda affiliate in yemen call
hits the road to try to win back the hearts and minds of america. >>> pounding in the plains. winter tightens its grip on the u.s., slicking up roads across the country. >>> and back in the spotlight. unseen for 50 years, a stunning 31 carat diamond goes on unseen for 50 years, a stunning 31 carat diamond goes on display. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. >>> and today we begin with back to basics. with his first rocky year in office now behind him, president obama is kicking back into campaign mode, working to sell his revamped economic message to the american people. but with the public frustrated and congressional incumbents feeling the heat, the president will have to take his victories one step at a time. a close one came yesterday as the senate confirmed fed chief ben bernanke for a second term by the thinnest margin in history. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: the day after his state of the union promise to focus on the economy, president obama went to florida touring an air force base sending supplies to hait
don't know. >> change come to america. >> welcome back. "game change" on the campaign. sarah palin's handlers were stunned by her lack of knowledge. you said she didn't know enough to write a high school essay. but she says, me worry? bill o'reilly asks her about the fact she doesn't know many things. >> i think these are -- the political establishment reporters who love to jen up controversy and spin up gossip. the rest of america doesn't care about that kind of crap. chris: would you. in this week's issue of time, you write that mccain and his allies are now afraid of palin. quote, intimidated by the rabidness of her supporters, believing they can't be swayed by the facts and getting cross wise with the most highly republican base, mccain world has allowed her vision of reality to go largely unchallenged. so this is about a -- facts versus what? connection? >> after her book came out mccain called the senior advisors and said let's not talk about this. le they let the book stand, even though many think it is made up. it has to do with -- in mccain's case, there's guilt on his par
showcased on the national stage. both brown and smith competed on nbc's "america's got talent." performing with the local d.c. act, the diva league, the group was featured on the august 4th live broadcast. they didn't make it past that round, but that moment under the lights was unforgettable. >> it's an awe experience. i remember when they were rolling our b rotate, it was almost made me cry a little bit. >> brown says shows like america's got talent are shining a new spotlight on the performing arts. he believes that's one reason his classes are more popular than ever. however you choose to exercise, you got to do it the right way to avoid injury. the american academy of orthopedic surgeons has advice on how to stay healthy and get the most from your workouts. first, balance, that means incorporate rating cardio, strength, and flexibility exercise into your routine, variety, mix it up every week tween machines and classes and other activities. repetitive stress can lead to injury. also proper form, equipment, and attire, like helmets for biking and good shoes for running are also key. an
and negatively. stock prices for bank of america, jm morgan chase and goldman sachs and others fell sharply. >> it feels like they rushed this announcement a little bit. the devil will be in the details of what they mean by the prohibitions on the banks. >> reporter: the president unveiled his plan on the day massachusetts senator-elect scott brown made his triumphant debut on capitol hill, after using populist themes to win what had been a sure democratic seat. aides say the plan, brain child of former federal reserve chair paul volcker had been in the works for months. >> those were in the planning before there ever was an election in massachusetts. >> reporter: today's action by the president actually was done over the objections of two of his key economic advisors, treasury secretary tim geithner and chief economic advisor larry summers. they argued against doing this, saying it would be too tough on the banks. the president vetoed them, the populist rhetoric winning the day over those that had been criticized for being too close to wall street. >> chuck todd starting us off there tonig
i was deployed was down to the latin america and caribbeans for continuing promise 2009, which is a u.s. southern command mission. that was this past summer. haiti was one of the countries they visited during that trip. >> we know haiti. we are very familiar with haiti. we are ready and able to provide the support our friends in haiti need. >> reporter: in baltimore, derrick ward, news4. >>> president oba has enlisted the help of two former presidents to help haiti quake survivors. george w. bush and bill clinton were in t rose garden today with president obama to talk about fund-raising efforts. all three men are urging americans to give. >> i join president obama in expressing my sympathy for the people of haiti. i commend the president for his swift and timely response to the disaster. >> it is still one of the most remarkable unique places i have ever been. they canscape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> reporter: so much help is needed in haiti. the best thing you can do is make a donation. we have several links to several safeways to make donat
by the rotary clubs of america to assist people in haiti. a survival kit that includes that tent and things that will sustain people more days. but the numbers are staggering, almost unbelievable. and while aid is pouring in from around the world, it's not happening fast enough to stop things from deteriorating, as was kind of expected in haiti. but there are efforts now that people are getting under way here in america and here in this city. this is why people are comin by here to do what they can to do to help. and as we said, those numbers are staggering, as an estimated 200,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands left in the lurch of a supplies are starting to pour in, like food, water, medicine, the daily necessities, but not fast enough. and people are still being found among the rubble. and they find themselves in a pitched suggle for food, life, necessity. we found a gentleman down here to do what he could. he knew it couldn't be good. he talked about the lurching ground and the need to do something. and that's why he came down here. he's back in the u.s. today and he came down
's a look at some other stories making news "ely today" in america. >>> a brawl broke out between two women's college basketball teams in washington, d.c. the melee happened as georgetown and louisville were warming up. a georgetown player reportedly tripped a louisville player who was running laps, sparking a scuffle which had athletes trading punches. since it happened an hour before the game, no penalties were assessed. georgetown went on to win. >>> food and supplies were lacked onto a luxury cruiseliner but not for vacationers. they are using ships to transport it there. 80 pal ets supplies were loaded onto the cruise ship bound for the earthquake-torn country. >>> the main attraction at a sportsman's show in minnesota wasn't large but made quite a splash. twiggy, the water skiing squirrel, showed off her amazing aquatic skills, wearing a tiny little life preserver. the adorable animal expertly displayed her unique talent. that's always video that makes you smile. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bi karins with your weather channel for
the military approaches war. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> san diego police are looking for two mench accused of beating a man with a skateboard at a train station. they pushed the man onto the tracks and began pummeling him. one suspect struck the man repeatedly with a skateboard. police are still looking for the attackers but also a motive. >>> a 600-pound leather backed turtle came ashore. the large turtles are normally in south america this time of year. wildlife experts suspected something may be wrong. they estimated him to be 40 years old and he was found to have a lacerated fin and taken in for rehabilitation. >>> if you want to know just how cold it is in miami. just take a look at the animals. workers at miami metro zoo found chimpanzees fashiing blankets out of burlap sacks. they had a reason to bundle up. temperatures in the 70s last year. this year they've been as low as the 40s. can't blame them. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast.
stupid. >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. >>> connecticut researchers are using the latest technology to unlock the secrets of a 4,000-year-old mummy. tests done yesterday revealed the body they thought was a male priest was actually a woman in her 30s. scientists are working to determine her background and cause of death. >>> a washington state man may face charges of illegal possession after officials found four-foot alligator and 40 snakes in his home. animal control officers seized the snakes, most of which were poisonous. they have the daunting test of finding homes for nonvenue on manious snakes. >>> in three days they created this guy, luigi. a comb for a nose and bricks for its mouth. while the family h a history of making mammoth snowmen this broke their previous record by four feet. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. your forecast being put to good use there. >> very much. i thought super mario was luigi. >> he wasn't wearing his little
making news early today in america. a washington state family returned from vacation to find a holiday lawn ornament stolen and the crime caught on camera. a man seen walking his dog with a woman approached the porridge, unplugged the penguin ornament and just ran off with it. the family's 10-year-old daughter bought the sea bird with their savings. >>> farmers are doing everything they can in florida from keeping the winter blast from ruining their profit. the ice insulates the fruit why overnight frost and protect the flowers so they produce more strawberri strawberries. >>> a chicago man set a record without moving. jeff miller won the annual couch potato contest for the third straight year. miller watched sports for 72 straight hours without sleeping. he left his chair only once every eight hours to use the restroom. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. bill, husbands everywhere just got themselves a very good idea. an excuse. >> 72 hours is impressive. without sleeping. that's the hard pa
at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> the los angeles police department is asking for the public's help to identify a suspect responsible for a hit and run accident that severely injured two girls. newly release surveillance video shows the driver striking a 14-year-old girl and her 3-year-old niece as they were crossing a street. officers believe the driver is female is and her white sedan may have damage to the front headlights. >>> in indiana, the search continues for ape man who tried to rob a woman's purse in broad daylight. security video captured the suspect engage anything tug of war with the victim who fell to the floor but would not give up. although the would-be robber left empty handed, police caution it's always best let go of your belongings in those situations. >>> back in los angeles, a driver is in custody after leading police on a dangerous high-speed chase during rush hour. when the man wouldn't pull over, police spun his vehicle out of control. the suspect was arrested shortly afterward without further incident. >>> and firefighters i
in america. a robber in washington state brutally beat a woman at an atm machine for less than a dollar. the suspect used an object resembling a pipe. the multiple blows caused severe lacerations and the suspect stole her wallet which had 15 cents in it. >>> a land slide in san antonio caused officials to evacuate around 100 homes. the shifting soil caused crevices to form in backyards some as large as six feet. some homes have already suffered structure damage from the collapsing earth. residents are being put up in hotel rooms paid for by the housing complex. >>> scientist in california are examining a mars rock believed to come from deep within the planet. nasa's exploration rover "opportunity" discovered the baseball size rock. it is different in composition and character from any other rock they found on the planet and could shed light on the interior of the red planet. >>> the girl scout bakery in kentucky added another item to its roster. the latest creation. thank you berry much. a cranberry cookie with white chocolate fudge chips. >>> here's bill karins with the weather channel
, and how to fix the problem. >>> on ice, bitter cold across america. the problem is record lows in places where people thought they could escape winter. >>> women's health. what you need to know. in our series tonight, all these years later, is the prognosis better for one particular silent killer? >>> and another dimension. is there a deeper meaning embedded in the 3-d movie "avatar?" "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. he didn't succeed, thankfully, but the fact a suicide bomber came so close to blowing a commercial jet out of the sky on christmas day over detroit has mobilized the federal government. it was why during another jittery day for air travel in this country, the president back from vacation, called his senior national security staff togeer today for a meeting, after which he said, the problem isn't collecting the intelligence, it's connecting the intelligence all together. he said the u.s. knew enough to stop this, but apparently what we have here is a failure to communicate. we have it all covered tonight beginning with
intelligence information with the nation today, and now he and others want to know why america's intelligence agencies failed to share that information with each other. today president obama revealed for the first time what many had suspected since the attempted bombing on christmas day, al qaeda was behind it. >> it appears that he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says that the suspect, umar abdulmutallab, made his al qaeda contacts and received his training in yemen, a country wracked by poverty and an ongoing civil war. now fertile ground for extremists driven from strongholds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> there's really basically a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorists and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them from operating. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face-to-face meeting with top officials set for tuesday at the white ho
and to the people of the world. in theseifficult hours, america stands united. we stand united with the people of haiti, who have shown such incredible resilience, and we will help them to recover and to rebuild. >> i know a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i will do is make sure your money is spent wisely. >> and a program note, david gregory will have much more with former presidents clinton and bush on tomorrow's edition of "meet the press" here on nbc. >>> we have talked earlier in the broadcast about those who have not yet received the help that continues to pour into this airport. but we saw an example of those who did. it was at a camp for displaced victims. michelle kosinski was there as it happened. michelle? >> reporter: lester, we saw some of that. what we saw today was a makeshift camp in a park that had swelled to thousands of people. but then we saw how quickly coping peacefully can turn to chaos. hundreds of people line a hastily arranged barrier of chairs. at a u.s. army installation at a port-au-prince
meeting their families here in america. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we actually have an astounding story to show you coming out of the tragedy in haiti, but first here tonight and briefly, a story you may have heard something about late in the day today. the british are saying a terrorist attack is, "highly likely" though they say there is no evidence it is imminent. the threat is to be from the arabian peninsula branch of al qaeda. we'll begin with a brief update from our own pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security w further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. none
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that shows the americas. it identifies the florida area as the land of flowers. and it references humped oxen, bison, as well as wild horses in north america. it's nicknamed the impossible black tulip of cartography because it was so hard to find. this is one of only two maps to be known in good condition. the library will create a digital image of the map to post online. so, jim, you were bornn the land of flowers. >> right. didn't see any citrus down there, though. >> i wouldn't have guessed that. the citrus is all ice today. >> yes. >> icy at least. veronica, is it going to warm up down there soon? >> yes, it will. here, too, for so much of the eastern portion of the nation. finally a warmup. keep in mind for florida, they've got a hard breeze warning once again for the overnight period. look outside. nice sunshine across the area. the sun sets today at 5:07. there's the kennedy center in the distance. getting to be later and later now, our sunset. 34, the current temperature. it's 34 at the i-95 area. baltimore, 34 degrees. manassas at 34. tomorrow, up to 40 degrees or higher. and as far
the plane headed for america. >> the president has all the details now because we are learning more about what intelligence sources knew, but didn't put together. that is leading to all of this analysis of what could have been done and what could have been done to stop abdulmutallab. >> we will sit down with the national security and intelligence, but willry read them the riot act? >> it's a little bit of everything. he has been getting warning reviews when he wakes up here in hawaii from john brennan, the chief adviser. he will bring everyone together from the head of the dni, dennis blair. it's under dennis blair that the terrorism center has been formed. that's run b michael lighter and janet napolitano. there will be a little bit of reading h the riot act. they will meet for hours and there will be a lot of back and forth. the president is pouring through reports that each of the agency heads put together. i don't know if he will say you guy diagnosis a terrible job here. secretary x or admiral y or this. we are done. i do think it will be the start of what could be a more comprehensi
liberal state in america, arguably, massachusetts, the people are telling us, please don't pass this bill. >> reporter: the obama team heard a voter call to fix the economy, add jobs. >> i'm not going to start fighting until we have jobs for everybody! >> reporter: analysts are skeptical. >> this president doesn't come easy to populism and it's not terribly convincing, but when you're in a panic, this is one of the things you do. and i think they're in a panic right now. >> reporter: obama advisers deny panic or a message overhaul. >> in washington, people look for signs, cues for their script to say, oh, you know, here's obama 2.0. this is obama -- this is the obama who ran for president. >> reporr: the president's tapped his '08 campaign manager, though, to come back and help democrats avoid more losses this fall. and on the day of the president's state of the union address, republicans begin meetings in hawaii, the president's birthplace, to plot their own strategy for the midterm elections. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >>> now to the latest from haiti. 20 nations will meet in
day criticism why has america not been able to get the food to the people. there's a lot of countries here who also weren't able to do that as well. now it is getting to them. those planes are leaving with their humanitarian daily rations. it's like an mre that the military eats. but it's actually lentils, the type of food people are used to eating here. it will give them 2500 calories. it's beginning to the -- to get to the people. they're on the edge of unrest. >> reporter: we didn't get a rot of sleep because of the flights but that's okay. thanks. that's really a great story. we want to go back now to jenna in studio 1a in new york. >> it's stories like that that continue to give family members hope who are waiting to hear any word from haiti. >>> president obama says the u.s. relief effort is one of the largest in history. for more on the u.s. response to the crisis, we're now joined by david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning, jenna. >> i do want to start in haiti. secretary of state hillary clinton was in the country to help coordinate u.s. efforts. how bro
the edges. >> reporter: the national aquarium in d.c. has updated 55 of 65 exhibits. it focuses on america's aquatic treasures. it is important to understand the marine creatures because their habitats are being destroyed by us. like this exotic lion fish, an invasive species, murder on a native habitat. it found its way to our waters because people with home aquariums started dumping the fish when it got too big. in addition to the animals the aquarium highlights the saving of the coral reefs. >> some of these coral head cans take 40 to 50 years to grow. it takes one anchor to kill them permanently. >> reporter: it is not as grand as our sister in baltimore, but come on your lunch hour or when you are spiriting visitors, it is one block down on the mall. like taking a dip on a hot summer day you are going to want to flow through this one. don't be in a hurry. >> our leader is telling us to hurry. >> we have to go get on the bus. >> did you enjoy it? >> we loved it. yes. >> that looks pretty cool. again, d.c.'s national aquarium is in the basement of the commerce department on 14th and con
a clear message from america on several issues. >> they don't want this health care bill. it's pretty darn clear. >> reporter: president obama is urging lawmakers to focus on areas where they agree. >> there are a nber of different ways to do this. >> we heard, we will heed, we will move forward with their considerations in mind. but we will move forward. >> reporter: harry reid says they'll wait to vote on health care until brown is sworn in after republicans and the president warned against a big rush. >> you may have more votes than we do, but if you do it all by yourself, the public probably isn't going to buy it. >> reporter: nbc's latest poll seems to support that. a majority of americans oppose the president's health reform plan, calling it the most negative thing about his first year. but guess what. americans are not as concerned about health care as they are about other things, at least according to our nbc poll. health care ranked fourth among americans' concerns after jobs, terrorism, and the deficit. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. >> thank you. >>> could be some win
. they run goldman secretaries, morgan stanley, jpmorgan chase and bank of america. the financial crisis inquiry commission will report to the president and congress on what went wrong. last year, taxpayers spent $700 billion to rescue collapsing financial institutions that caused the crisis with high-risk deals. by this year, many of those banks repaid the government and roared back with huge profits, possible because of taxpayers' help. take goldman sachs. analysts estimate a $44 billion profit in 2009 with an expected average bonus of almost $600,000. >> this isn't about fundamentally trying to, you know, slap the banks for paying out these bonuses. the commission's trying to get at the root causes. >> reporter: and brand new today, senior administration officials say the president is ready to announce that he wants to charge a fee on these big banks and financial institutions to try to get some of taxpayers' money back to try to settle what that t.a.r.p. fund and all those bailouts have done to taxpayers' coffers. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. thanks so much, kelly. >>
're the victims of america's distracted driving epidemic. 9-year-old erica forney of colorado run over by a driver on a cell phone. >> the neurosurgeon came and told us that there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: 12-year-old joe teter of michigan killed by a driver on a cell phone who slammed into the car joe's mother was driving. >> i hope no mother has to ever watch her son die so pointlessly. for a phone call. somebody was making a phone call. >> reporter: and 16-year-old katie reynolds of omaha. >> i would have enjoyed being at her wedding, holding my grandchild. >> reporter: now new findings from the national safety council estimate 1.6 million accidents, or 28% of all crashes in 2008, were attributable to cell phones, both handheld and hands-free, and texting while driving. 6,000 deaths, half a million injuries. now, 30 years after mothers against drunk driving began a public crusade to save lives, the loved ones of those killed by distracted drivers have launched focus driven, a crusade against all distracted driving. jennifer smith's mother was killed by a driver on a cell phone. >>
. snowballs and sleds to make this an ideal weinter weekend. peter alexander, nbc news, new york. >>> america had a front row seat yesterday as president obama held and extraordinary unscripted televised question and answer session with house republicans. today, it was the president who had a front row seat at a college basketball game and he took a few shots of his own. here's nbc's mike vi. >> reporter: the president huddling today with vice president and top advisers court side. for georgetown versus duke. then yolking about his own basketball skills comparing his game to miss political predicament. >> you're obviously a left hander. >> yeah. >> do you have any problem at all going to your right? >> you know, i went to the republican house caucus just yesterday to prove i could go to my right once in a while. >> the president of the united states. >> it was an encounter seldom seen, a public airing of grievance by political adversaries. >> i am not an ideologue. i'm not. >> reporter: the president appeared for more than an hour at a meeting of the house gop. as both sides let off steam. >>
better. he says it will be a brighter future, that people, especially in america, will be committed to the cause rebuilding and helping haiti through this ordeal in the short term and in the long term. that's it from port-au-prince. we'll send it back to you now, lynn. >> lester, thank you so much. >>> with an untold number of haitian children orphaned in that disaster, the u.s. government has announced it will temporarily allow some of those kids into the u.s. to receive medical treatment. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the u.s. will also take in children that have been previously identified as eligible for adoption by american parents. among those are 53 children who arrived in the u.s. early this morning as part of a mission organized by pennsylvania governor ed rendell. >>> well, in what suddenly has become a crucial test not only for democrats, but for president obama himself, today voters in massachusetts head to the polls for an election viewed by many as a referendum on the president's policies. just weeks ago, democrat martha coakley was cruising to vict
>>> on our broadcast tonight, america the angry, but where do people place the blame? tonight we debut our new poll numbers on the eve of the president's big speech. >>> walking away. why so many americans are doing what used to be unthinkable, sing their homes on purpose. >>> getting out. the massxodus from haiti. >>> making a difference, the compassionate story of americans and an amazing ending to a story to tell you about. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we are going to begin tonight with a story that broke late in the day. it's a bombshell for the auto industry. as we've reported, toyota has been in the middle of a massive recall of several lines of cars because of a defect that may cause accelerators to stick. well, tonight the giant automaker has announced they will stop selling all the cars affected, and temporarily shut down production of some of the most popular vehicles in this country. tom costello has been covering this story. starts us off tonight from our washington newsroom. tom, good evening. >> reporter:
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